Are Bonus Screen Slots Worth Playing?

Published : 11th of February, 2003

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Slot machines with a bonus screen game have become very popular over the last few years. It is quite easy to see why - you get an additional way to win and the added excitement of the bonus game. The question comes to mind whether they are worth playing or whether plain classic slots are better.

The short answer is that there is really no difference pay out percentage wise. A plain classic slot and a bonus game slot that have pay out percentages of 97% will both pay out the same amount over time. It's just the way that they pay out the wins that is different - the reels versus the bonus screen and reels.

As an example of this we will take a look at the Lucky Charmer bonus screen slot from Microgaming. You will notice that quite often to make up for the pays on the bonus screen game that the pays on the reels are reduced or the most common wins pay less. Let's take a look at Lucky Charmer.

Lucky Charmer
Bonus Screen Game

The first thing you will notice on Lucky Charmer is a lack of a wild symbol. While this is not uncommon on plain classic slots it is the first indication of a lower hit rate on the reels. The king cobra is only wild for the cobra symbols which make up the top pay so it is not going to come into play often.

The second and most telling pay that is missing from the reels is the "Any Bar" combination. This is the most frequently hit win on most classic style slots so it definitely changes the hit rate on the spins. While this makes a difference to the wins available on the reels it is made up for with the bonus game.

In this case the bonus round can pay out as much as 2400 coins which is half of the value of the top jackpot on the reels. This of course is the best possibility, you can win as little as 6 coins if you are not so lucky.

So, Are these bonus feature games worth playing?
The answer depends on what you like to play. If you are a die hard fan of simple classic slots then there is no reason to change. If however you are a classic slot fan that want a game with a bit of a twist then bonus screen slots are a great way to go.

For our reviews of Bonus Screen Slots online visit our Bonus Feature Slots section and browse through the reviews. Good luck and happy bonus game.

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