Area 21

Area 21 Slot Machine

Area 21 is a Cryptologic video slot that combines two themes - blackjack and the mysterious Area 51. The game has a blackjack bonus stage where you can win up to 25 free spins with all wins multiplied by five.

Game Data

  • Type : 5 Reel + 25 Lines
  • Coin Sizes : 0.01 to 20.00
  • Maximum Bet : 25 coins
  • Jackpot : 2,000
  • Wild Symbol : Yes
  • Bonus Features : Yes | Free Spins +
  • Multipliers : Yes
  • Gamble : No
  • Volatility : Medium
  • Software By : Cryptologic

Area 21 Game Review

Area 21 is a 25 line slot with a theme that is a mix of aliens and blackjack. The name of the game obviously refers to the famous Area 51 in Nevada although the 51 has been replaced with 21 to give the game a blackjack theme. We always like a new idea and Area 21 delivers on this well.

One thing that strikes you instantly when you load the game is the bright graphics. They are quite psychedelic and in our opinion almost go a bit far. We found that after a while playing the colors became a bit of a negative in terms of viewing the game - it's not too easy on the eyes.

The base game offers a good range of jackpots with a 2000 coin pay for the five wilds being the top award. Second highest pay is 1000 coins for the green aliens or four wild symbols. From here you have a 750 coin jackpot for the purple aliens and then several ways to hit for 500 coins.

The Area 21 logos are scattered and pay up to 50 times you bet if you get all five on the screen at once. Getting three or more is all you need to trigger the free spins bonus. Instead of winning a set amount of spins you first have to hit the Alien blackjack table.

Once you arrive at the blackjack table you press deal for the bonus to start. You get dealt two cards and the dealer gets dealt two cards - one face up and one face down (Preview). You then have to decide what to do. You can either hit, stand or in some cases split our double down.

If you have never played blackjack then the aim is to get as close to 21 without going over. The bonus stage awards free spins based on how you go on the blackjack stage. The possible free spin awards are as follows,

  • Player Blackjack (Ace & any 10, J, Q or K) - 25 Spins + Wins X5
  • Double Down Win - 20 Spins + Wins X3
  • Split Double Win - 20 Spins + Wins X3
  • Split Single Win - 10 Spins + Wins X3
  • Player Wins - 10 Spins + Wins X3
  • Dealer Wins - 10 Spins + Wins X2

At first we thought that a simple strategy would be to always double down no matter what two cards you had as the 25 Spins with wins X5 is clearly worth going for. Unfortunately this strategy cannot be used as you can only double on totals of 9, 10 or 11. The best strategy is to always double or split if possible as you stand a chance of getting a better free spin bonus.

In the best case scenario you can win up to 10,000 coins for the five wilds if you get the X5 free spins. The free spins can be re-triggered an unlimited amount of times with each re-trigger getting a new deal of the cards.

Overall, Area 21 offers something new which is always a good thing. The graphics might be a bit hard on the eyes but the chance of winning free games with a X5 multiplier makes up for this.

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