Flower Power (Cryptologic)

Flower Power Slot Machine

Flower Power is a multi-line slot game by Cryptologic. It has a max bet of five coins per spin and you really have to play max to get the most out of the game. Top jackpot at max is 1,000 coins while the jackpot drops to 750 coins for less than max bet.

Game Data

  • Type : 3 Reel + 5 Lines
  • Coin Sizes : 0.25 to 5.00
  • Maximum Bet : 5 coins
  • Jackpot : 1,000 coins
  • Wild Symbol : Yes
  • Bonus Features : No
  • Multipliers : No
  • Gamble : No
  • Volatility : High
  • Software By : Cryptologic

Flower Power Review

Part of the original line up of slot games available at Wagerlogic casinos, Flower Power is a great three reel, five line game with a top prize of 1,000 coins. Maximum bet is 5 coins per spin and you can play in coin sizes ranging from 25ยข to $5. This makes for a minimum recommended bet of $1.25.

It is a very colorful game with three types of flowers (A carnation, a rose and a sunflower as far as we can tell) on the reels. In addition there is the wild Flower Power logo and finally the three bar types make up the seven symbols. Even the bars get a bit of color which is a nice change from the black and white.

The reason we suggest you always play max bet on Flower power is because there is a bonus. The three wild Flower Power logos pay 1,000 coins if they line up on any line with max bet in play. With less than max bet they only pay 750 coins. The extra coin gets you an extra 250 coins.

The flowers make up the rest of the higher pays with the sun flowers paying 100 coins for three, the roses pay 50 coins for the tripe and the carnations pay 30 coins for catching the combo. The flowers also make up the lowest pay. Get any three flowers on a pay line and you win 3 coins.

One of the great things about 5 line slots is the fact that you can get a win on more than one line in a single spin. This keeps the hit rate high and makes things more exciting. If you are a fan of multi-line slots then get your green thumb clicking for the jackpot on Flower Power today.

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