UK Fruit Machines

Fruit Machines

In the United Kingdom the slot machines are called fruit machines or fruities. They are a unique style of game that often have the option to hold the reels, nudge the symbols and extra bonus features. The first online fruit machines started to appear in 2007 and now there is a growing list of AWP style games most of which are found at Microgaming casinos.

Game USA R L Coin Max Bonus Details Jackpot
Game On!
3 1 0.10 1 Skill Stop 1,000X
Pub Fruity
3 1 0.10 1 Trail & Darts 500X
The Gee Gees
3 1 0.10 1 Trail Bonus 2,000X
Treasure Ireland
3 1 0.10 1 Trail Bonus 500X
You Lucky Barstard
3 1 0.10 1 Skill Stop 250X

How Fruit Machines Work

The games listed above do not work like traditional slot machines. While normal slot machines have a set payout percentage that does not change based on the amount of money wagered, fruit machines and AWP games work in the opposite way. The amount of money in directly effects the odds of winning.

This means that you can use some strategy to win on fruit machines as you can get an idea if a game is about to payout based on the combinations appearing on the reels or the outcomes occurring on the bonus stages.

If you manage to start playing the fruit machines at the right time you can get big win streaks which can pay the top jackpot multiple times in one feature. These quick winning runs are sometimes called Mega Streaks. More often than not after one of these streaks the game will not pay out anything for an extended time..

Fruit machines typically offer a range of features. These features can include reel based bonus like the option to hold reels or nudge symbols. Most games also have some sort of second screen bonus. These bonuses can include trail based bonuses as well as skill stop and instant win features.