How to Win at Slots - 7 FREE Tips for Winning

Published : 28th of June 2004

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Winning on slot machines is what every player wants to do but only a select few ever hit a jackpot big enough to change their lives. In this article we cover some simple tips to help you on your way to becoming a winner. Having said that you should note that there is no sure fire way to beat slot machines - you should only play for entertainment and if you win its a bonus.

Tip 1 : Avoid Slot Machine Systems

There are countless slot machine systems for sale all of which claim to offer a way to consistently win on the slots. These systems range from the strange to the ridiculous with some of the claims they make.

Unfortunately there is no way to consistently beat a game that uses a random number generator and has a pay out percentage of less than 100% (All slots do). There is also no way to predict what the next spin will be by looking at the reels as every spin is random and is in no way effected by the previous spins.

Tip 2 : Set a Session Bankroll

This is good advice for any form of gambling including slots. Before you even walk onto the casino floor or load up your favorite online casino you should decide how much you are willing to spin in the session. Stick to this amount and avoid any temptation to try to chase losses.

Tip 3 : Get to Know Your Game

While this might seem really obvious you should always take the time to learn all of the details of the game you are about to play. I have seen so many players with disappointed looks on their faces when they think they have just won a jackpot or bonus game and find out the hard way that they were not betting the required amount needed to win.

It should only take you a moment to read the pay out table or press the help button and get all of the games details. This way when you do hit those magical winning combinations you will be sure that you will get the win.

Tip 4 : Take Your Winnings and Run

If you find that you are always walking away from the casino with less money than you arrived with then you need to learn when to stop. Many players who claim they always lose in fact win but simply keep playing. Try to set a reasonable win goal and when you reach it cash out and do something else.

For instance if you have a bankroll of $100 you could set yourself a win goal of $150 and a loss goal of $50. This means that if you get ahead by $50 you stop playing or if you lose $50 you also stop.

Tip 5 : Set Yourself a Number of Non Winning Spins

If you are on a casino floor with hundreds of slots then you should decide on an amount of losing spins in a row that will stop you playing. This way you can try another machine. While there is the possibility that the jackpot can strike at any time on any machine at least this way you will get to play several games.

Tip 6 : Always Check your Pay Outs

In land-based casinos where you are paid in coins you should always try to count the coins before you leave the game. In some cases where the hopper (The area where the coins are stored) is empty the game will pay you less than it owes you. Most of the time there will be some indication of this but always be sure to check as you don't want to give the casino free money.

Tip 7 : Have FUN

The biggest key to winning on the slots is to have fun. In reality the casino floors are filled with slots to make the casinos money. If your aim is to have a good time every time you play then as long as you get your spins you will be a winner. You should aim for maximum entertainment for minimum cash.

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