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Published : 1st of December 2009

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If you are a fan of big life changing jackpots then you are sure to have had a spin or two on at least one progressive slots game. They are the only type of slot games to regularly offer million dollar plus jackpots but are they really a good bet? Read on to get the insider info on progressive slot machines.

The History of Progressive Slots

In the early 80's when slot makers started adding advanced microprocessors to their games they also introduced the idea of progressive jackpots. That is the idea that a percentage of each bet placed would add to the top jackpot prize.

The biggest advance of progressive slots came in 1986 when slot manufacturer IGT introduced the first multi-site linked progressive slot called Megabucks ™. The advent of linked jackpots meant that really huge prizes would accumulate as players from around the country were "donating" to the jackpot fund.

Linked progressive jackpots are now common place at casinos online and offline. The first big linked progressive online was Cash Splash which now routinely pays out over $1,000,000 of jackpots on a monthly basis.

How Progressive Slots Work

Every time you press the spin button on a progressive game a percentage of your bet is instantly added to the jackpot. This tends to give these games a lower payout percentage to that of standard slots.

For example if a progressive automatically takes 5% of you bet to add towards the jackpot then the payout has to be less than 95%. Take off a few extra percentage points for the casinos and you end up with less than a 90% payout. These numbers are just an example and will vary widely.

Playing Tips for Progressive Slot Machines

The most important thing to keep in mid when playing progressives is that you should always play max coins. Virtually all progressives only pay the top jackpot if you play max bet - if you don't you could be in for some real disappointment.

I can think of nothing worse than winning $1000 when you could have won millions for just an extra dollar or quarter bet. If playing at a land based casino always make sure that all coins have registered before playing, online always hit the bet max button and you should not have a problem.

Are They Worth Playing?

Statistically they have lower payout than non progressives so we recommend only playing a portion of your bankroll on progressive slots. If luck strikes you may have a life changing jackpot, if not then at least you have some cash left to play on slots with higher payout percentages.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that playing slots should be for purely entertainment purposes. We liken progressive slots to playing the lottery, give them a go but don't spend too much time chasing those giant jackpots.

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