Quick Draw

Quick Draw

Quick Draw is a Vegas Technology multi-line slot with three reels and three lines. In a bit of a twist only the target symbols pay wins with the top jackpot coming in at a very low 45 coins. The good news is that this jackpot hits quite regularly.

Important : This game is no longer available as all Vegas Technology casinos have closed. We will update this if the casinos re-open. Find other games in our Online Slots Directory.

Game Data

  • Type : 3 Reel + 3 Lines
  • Coin Sizes : 0.50 to 10.00
  • Maximum Bet : 5 coins
  • Jackpot : 45 coins
  • Wild Symbol : No
  • Bonus Features : No
  • Multipliers : No
  • Gamble : No
  • Volatility : High
  • Software By : Vegas Tech

Quick Draw Slot Machine Review

Quick Draw offers a unique online slot experience. It initially looks like a single line classic slot due to the horizontal bar across the middle of the reels but it is in fact a three line game. Making things very different is the fact that there is only one winning symbol on Quick Draw - the target.

While there are quite a few other symbols on the reels, none of them pay anything. The only symbol you want to see appearing is the targets. Luckily there are pays for getting one, two or three anywhere in the game window. You do not even have to line them up left to right so you could say that the target is actually a scatter symbol.

It seems that they did not want to make anything normal with this game as it has a rather unusual five coin max bet. Most multi-line games require one coin per line but in this case you can bet one extra coins. In reality you do not have to as all of the jackpots are in proportion and there is no bonus pay for max bet.

The jackpots do however depend on which line you manage to get the target symbols to appear. Again in a departure from the norm we see that the pays get bigger as you move up the reels. In this case the lowest line that is usually line two pays the lowest and the top line pays the highest.

The highest jackpot is won when you hit three targets on the upper most pay line. The jackpot is only 45 coins at max bet but when you consider that you can play coin sizes of up to $10 this could equal up to $4500.00 in a single spin.

In the end we are not quite sure we like Quick Draw. It seems that the game developers have tried to make everything about the game different. Having said that if you are looking for something that is a bit out of the ordinary then it might be worth a spin or three just to check it out.

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Please Note : This game is no longer available as of May, 2011 as all Vegas Technology casinos have closed. Find other online slots in our Slots Directory.

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