5 Quick Tips for Playing Video Slots

Published : 9th of May 2005

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If you are a fan of video slots then this section is a great place to get some free playing tips and strategies to increase your playing time and stretch your bankroll further. More and more video reel based games being released each year it is clear that video slots are the future of slot gaming. The five tips below are a good place to start getting the most from your money.

Tip 1 : Before You Play

Rather than just sitting down, inserting some cash and hitting max bet we highly recommend spending a few minutes becoming familiar with the machine you are about to play. You can do this by reading the pay table or pressing the "Help" button that appears on most modern day games. The help screen or pay table will show you if max bet is required for the bonus games and other important info.

Tip 2 : Play Max Lines

Seeing as all video slots have at least five lines we suggest that you always play max lines. There is nothing more annoying and disappointing to line up a big winning combination on a line you did not bet on. Saving a few cents on playing less than maximum lines can be a costly error.

Tip 3 : Do you need to play Max Bet?

There is a key difference between max bet and max lines. Most modern day games allow you to bet more than one coin per line. This can quickly add up to some serious money even at the penny coin size. For example a 20 line penny slot that allows 25 coins per line costs $5 per max bet spin (20x25=500). Unless there is a reason to play max bet you often don't need to.

Tip 4 : Don't chase the bonus features

With most new games offering some kind of bonus game it is important to not chase the features. While may games offer huge pay outs on the bonus rounds they are also designed to keep you playing longer in the hope of reaching the bonus. I have seen many players lose a nice bankroll because they decide they will play until just one more feature hits.

Tip 5 : Its all about having fun

The whole purpose of video slot machines is to increase the ways you can be entertained by playing. All of the great animations and flashing lights are in place to make the games fun to play but also to keep you playing. Remember that all slot machines have a payout percentage of less than 100% so over the long term it is unlikely that you will be ahead. The key is to get as much fun as possible for the least amount of money

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