Online Casino Payout Percentages

Updated : 27th of July, 2012

Best Payouts

In this section we list the best pay out percentages for online slots. All good online casinos have their monthly payouts audited by a respected third party firm. All of the reports are released on a historical basis and are for all games combined rather than individual games.

As the payouts are historical you can get a a good idea of which casinos offer the best pay back on slots over the long term. Please note however that a high pay out percentage in a previous month does not guarantee a high percentage this month. Casinos below are ranked by best slots pay out percentages.

Latest Certified Slots Payout Reports

Casino Slots All Software Report Date
Jackpot City 95.91 96.02 Microgaming June 2012
The Gaming Club 95.90 96.18 Microgaming June 2012
Royal Vegas 95.89 96.09 Microgaming June 2012
Ruby Fortune 95.81 95.97 Microgaming June 2012
Platinum Play 95.56 95.95 Microgaming June 2012
32 Red 95.54 96.67 Microgaming June 2012
Spin Palace 95.43 95.77 Microgaming June 2012
The Lucky Nugget 95.29 95.91 Microgaming June 2012

About Payout Percentages

When it comes to slots, payout percentages are one of the most misunderstood aspects. Many players assume that they will always get a payout that is close to the games payout percentage. This is not the case as the payout percentage is reached over millions of spins and not a single gaming session.

It's actually a good thing that payout percentages work this way as there would be no point playing slots if you were guaranteed to always lose a few percent of your money. Instead slots offer the chance to win a lot of money from a single spin which is what makes slot machines such a popular form of gambling.

Another common misunderstanding when it comes to payout percentages is how the payout is determined. The positions of the symbols on the reels determine the games payout percentage. On video slots the layout of each reel is different which via mathematical formulas determines the payout percentage.

The same goes for classic slots although it should be noted that in the case of classic three reel games the RNG uses a virtual reel which will have many more stop positions compared to the amount of symbols you see on the reels. This makes it almost impossible to determine a games RTP by just looking at the reels.

A common myth with modern day slots is that the payout changes based on the amount of money that goes into a machine. This is not the case. In fact nothing that a player does changes the games payout percentage in any way.