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Published : 4th of February 2003

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As most slot players know, managing your money can be the difference between winning and losing in the long term. In fact money management is the ONLY thing that you can do to give yourself a better chance of ending up a winner when playing slots online or playing slots at a land based casino.

One of the most popular techniques used at land based casinos is the "Play Through Once" method. Quite simply you play your bank roll through your selected slot machine once, and only once. You do not re-invest your winnings. This way you will almost always at least end up with some money left for another day.

To utilize this method all you have to do at a land based casino is play in coins. The coins that end up in the coin tray are never put back into play, hence the name of this technique - the "Play Through Once" method.

Using this technique online has up until now been somewhat difficult because you are playing with virtual coins. To keep track of your play used to be a time consuming and often irritating task, taking away from the entertainment factor. The reason we say used to be is because of Microgaming's new "Viper" casino software that features a great expert mode to help us out.

Currently this new software is only available at one online casino - The Lucky Nugget. We are certain that within the next few months there will be a much bigger selection of Microgaming casinos using this new software, but for now the Lucky Nugget is the only option, luckily a very popular online casino.

So how does this software help us use the "Play Through Once" technique?

The new software features an "Expert" mode where you can set the slots to play automatically. The great thing is that you can customize how this works, giving you great control and an easy way to track your play.

Below are three images of the new software and some instructions on how to use this new feature to help you manage your gambling money.

Autoplay Images

At first look it is easy to miss this new feature. But if you look at Image A you will see an arrow pointing to a button labeled "Expert". Image B is a closer view of this button. When you click the Expert button more options appear.

These options include an "Auto Play" button. It is this button that launches the options window pictured in Image C. In the option window you can select how many spins you would like to make and the time interval in-between spins.

You can also set the machine to stop spinning if you hit a jackpot or if you hit a prize of any level determined by you. So finally using the "Play Through Once" technique is really easy online. The following is an example.

I have $100 in my account and want to play the whole $100 through once. The slot machine in question is a quarter machine with a 3 coin max bet. So I divide my $100 by 75 cents ( Max bet at three coins ). This comes to 133 spins.

Now I simply click Auto play and enter 133 spins in the "Amount of Spins" input field. Next I decide that I want the slot game to stop spinning if I hit a win of $100 or more. Then I just click start playing and the slot game goes into action.

In this example I did not hit a win of over $100 so all 133 spins were used. However I did hit quite a few smaller pays and I still have around $60. This $60 is now set aside for another day or for another slot game, it is not played through this slot game again. It is that easy to use this technique.


Of course not all slot players even use a money management strategy but if you do this new software makes live a lot easier than it was before. As always remember to only play with money you can afford to lose, gambling is gambling after all.

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